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Replacement Dampers (set of 4)

Replacement Dampers (set of 4)

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Replacement suspension dampers set of four.

Please note that these take two weeks to ship out. Thank you for your patience!

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Rundle Sport suspension dampers control the stiffness of FLEX rollerski suspension. Rundle Sport has 5 different damper stiffness's to perfectly tailor the rollerski to the weight of the rollerskier. Each suspension kit includes 4 dampers and outfits 1 pair of FLEX rollerskis.
  • Black - Extra Stiff (80kg or more)(176lbs or more)
  • Purple - Stiff (70-79kg)(154-175lbs)
  • Red - Medium (60-69kg)(132-153lbs)
  • Orange - Soft (50-59kg)(110-131lbs)
  • Green - Extra Soft (49kg or less)(109lbs or less)