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Custom Graphics



Individuals: $50 design fee, +$10 per pair

Clubs, Teams, Ski Shops: $50 design fee, +$15 per pair

Other Information:

-Or you may design your own graphics in house by filling out our graphic template from the download below. Your design is subject to some slight changes if we believe it is needed to better fit the pole

-Download template here. For .PSD file please download here

-Pole graphic specs: 63"x2"

-All custom designs will have the "USSPC, 100% Carbon Fiber, Made in USA" stamp on them

-Designs in Canada will also have the Official Canadian Supplier Logo

-There is a design fee per finished design that we print for you. You can make unlimited changes to your graphic at any time. Any new additional graphics will have a separate fee.

-We will not use your personal designs for any other projects we create. Although, color schemes may be replicated

-We reserve the right to use your finished graphic designs for advertising, social media accounts and on our website

Completed Projects