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Why is your ski pole selection so important?
Purchasing your new ski poles is a big investment, and should not be underrated. Ski poles are the second most important piece of equipment (behind the boot) and your only piece of equipment that you physically hold onto, swing and lift. If you do the math, at the polling rate of 30 per minute, 1,800 per hour (X2 for two poles) using our XC Signature, compared to the average high-end pole in its class, you’ll lift 2.07 pounds less weight per minute. In a 50k marathon (with a three hour average), that’s 372.6 less weight to lift! That’s a lot less weight to lift during a race, and that’s why your decision is so important!

So what’s the big deal about different shaft properties? 
The most important shaft properties to your ski poles are the overall weight, swing weight, stiffness and strength. Swing weight refers to the pendulum motion of a pole as it is swinging forward against your directional path. The stiffer the pole, the more of your energy goes into forward movement and less into bending the pole. Strength refers to the durability of the pole.

What’s the difference between a Chinese made pole and an American made pole?
Most name brand ski poles are made in China, using the same +20 year old technology, many under the same roof. Our poles do not use the ancient Chinese method of constructing carbon, we have developed our own in a way we align the fibers to achieve premium strength in all directions. Besides, when’s the last time you or anyone you know purchased something BECAUSE it was made in China? When you directly compare our USA made poles in weight, stiffness, and retail price with the Chinese, you’ll see we’re selling at an average of $150 less and offering a 2-year warranty! Why shouldn’t you choose our poles?

How can I tell what pole length is best for me?
Take your height (with shoes, in cm), and subtract 20cm for skate and 30cm for classic. In most cases this will result in classic poles that reach the center of the shoulder bone, and for skate about the height of your mouth or chin.

Why are some professional skiers using taller poles?
They do this especially in shorter races such as sprints. World Cup skiers have chosen to use 5-7.5cm longer poles than recommended above because their upper body strength allows them to have greater benefits with the added reach. There are, of course, individual preferences, but in general World Cup skiers use 2.5cm longer poles than the average skier.

Why are classic poles shorter than skate?
Classic style requires a higher poling cadence and if done well during striding, a pole should always be planted. The increase in length (usually 10cm) for skating is due to bigger movements (horizontal on plain), and allows for greater speed while always using the two poles simultaneously. All of this combined (if we haven’t confused you yet) allows you to use longer poles!

How is a ski poles' length measured?
For most pole brands, the length is measured from the tip (carbide spike), of the pole to the top of the grip. It’s the overall length of the pole from the very top of one end, to the very bottom of the other.

What makes USSPC ski poles so special?
Besides the 100% carbon fiber structure and 2-year warranty, USSPC aims for two key principles: minimum swing weight and maximum durability. Also, our comfortable grips that don’t chafe your hands and deluxe thermal straps that are the easiest to adjust to different glove sizes are becoming something people are raving about because they are that much better! Once you try them out for yourself you’ll know why.

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