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Meet Our Team!

Many hours of preparation and teamwork goes into making every pair of ski poles. Here at USSPC, we have a specialized team of workers for every step of the process.

First off, we have Andy Liebner. Andy is owner and founder of the United States Ski Pole Company. It is because of his vision and determination that this company even exists. Andy has put countless hours into every aspect of his company. From hand-building custom machinery, sewing the first prototype straps, handling finances and loads of paperwork, getting sales by driving around the country, inventing new quick-release systems, to working with raw carbon fiber and making ski poles himself. Andy can do it all, and above all of that: Andy is a great leader.


Next, I would like to introduce Roger Liebner. Roger is Andy’s father, and has also played a large role in the establishment of USSPC. Roger has done the main sourcing for straps and refined all quality textiles, ensuring that they are made in the USA, maintained email contact with shops, set up sales routes, assisted in the setting up of the machinery and shop, phone calls galore, and so much more that its too much to list!


Now that you know who’s running the behind the scenes business work, it’s time to meet the staff who does all the volumes of manufacturing work. Meet David Weiss; David is our production manager and lead carbon fiber materials specialist. David maintains our inventory of both raw and finished products, he’s our production finalization specialist cutting, sanding and assembling all the ski poles. He manages sales orders, prepares shipping and handling, and also operates the ski pole manufacturing machines.




Lastly, doing all of our graphic design and office duties, we have Heather Faith. Heather has designed our pole graphics, helped create the logos and company branding, handles all computer documents, CADD drawings, maintains ski club contacts in both the US and Canada, was on the development team for our quick-release parts, and does anything else that requires design creativity or computer work. Heather has been the prime media interface and first contact point with customers. USSPC is pleased to have an in-house designer who can multi-task and manage multiple department needs.


We might not have the largest staff, but we have all played a very important part in the development of the United States Ski Pole Company. As USSPC continues to grow and develop, we will hire more staff to our team and expand as needed.

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Team!”

  • Andy Brandal

    Just a quick hello to all...Roger was my High School teacher in Port Lions, Alaska. Fantastic to see this site, and what it's all about. Good job to all, and hope the future is bright in all your endeavors!
    Take care,
    Anchorage, Alaska

    • USSPC

      Thanks for the kind words, Andy. We are on the rise to something really great here and loving every minute of it! We hope that you get a bit more snow up there this year.

      -Heather Faith

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