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We are the United States Ski Pole Company (USSPC), the only manufacturers of 100% carbon fiber ski poles in the USA. Based in Northern Michigan, we are focused on quality, comfort and performance, over price. If you expect the best, we are here to deliver. 100% satisfaction guaranteed with all our Nordic skiing products. We don’t just make ski poles; we make ski poles you’ll enjoy skiing with year after year.


Andy Liebner

Company Story

The U.S. Ski Pole Company (USSPC) is a small family business in Northern Michigan. It is founded by retired Nordic skier and author of Wild Shot, Andy Liebner. Originally from Soldotna, Alaska, Andy was inspired to make better products than what was being offered by overseas manufacturers in the skiing industry. Thus, has developed a state of the art elite line of ski poles and promotes the use of a Canadian developed rollerskis, Rundlesport.

Because of Andy’s degrees in Coaching and Nutrition from Northern Michigan University (NMU) and University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), Andy wanted to make a greater impact on the enjoyment and international competitiveness within U.S. and Canadian skiers. No other company will visit small remote towns to offer free coaching clinics, demo sessions, give speeches about sports nutrition and be able to passionately inspire the youth to continue in the great healthy sport of Nordic skiing than Andy and USSPC.

We, at USSPC are more than a ski pole company, we’re a team of passionate people who love to see others succeed and make the most of life. Our team of Carbon Fiber experts provide best in class 2-year warranty. We’re ready to sponsor athletes, teams, and promote local ski shops to boost the U.S. economic job growth within the winter sport industry. As each winter brings its’ own unknowns, we encourage maximizing the season with health, fitness, and invitations to our family and friends to join the sport and become skiers, which increases sport size and strength as a competitive nation.

We use our own advanced carbon fiber construction method, equipment, processes resulting in unique ski poles. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office has issued us several patents claiming our clever and practical functionality of our components. With our machines and technology located in the U.S.A. we have the capabilities and advantages to quickly make custom colored ski pole components and individualized graphics.

With each order we receive every dollar helps and is utilized in the most effective long-term way. This not only supports the work we’ve already done, but helps us develop even better products for years to come.

Thank you for all of your support, any purchases made and positive referrals throughout the skiing industry.

Your friends at USSPC!